10 Miles

The main distance during the Dam tot Damloop is the 10 miles, a 16.1 km long course between Amsterdam and Zaandam.


The 10 Mile run starts on the Prins Hendrikkade in Amsterdam. This is followed immediately by the passage through the IJtunnel, a connection between the city center and Amsterdam North that is only open to runners during the Dam tot Damloop. It gets really exciting from the Buiksloterdijk. The enthusiastic residents of the Landsmeerderdijk, Kadoelenweg, Stoombootweg and Appelweg are ready to encourage you. After the Molenwijkpark you go via the bike path of the Verlengde Stellingweg to the Noorder IJ- en Zeedijk in Zaandam, where the course leads to the finish line on the Peperstraat via the always cozy Zuiddijk and Dam.

Start and finish

The 10 English Mile starts at 10:19 am. The start of the Dam tot Damloop is located in Amsterdam on the Prins Hendrikkade. All starts take place from the Prins Hendrikkade.

Starting areas
On the Prins Hendrikkade there are five starting compartments. Each starting area is open from 20 minutes before the starting time. On signs at the entrance hatch it is clearly indicated with colors and numbers which starting numbers belong to which section. The starting areas will be allocated based on the given target time. At least 10 minutes before the start, each runner must be present in the starting area. The sections are used several times for a starting group. Attention! It is not allowed to start in an earlier starting group. Starting later is possible.

View the layout of the starting sections and the map of the starting area here.
The finish is at the Peperstraat in Zaandam. Because of the bib tag your end time is registered when passing the chip matts. When you are at the finish try to move to the sides, it is less crowded there. After the finish you will receive a bottle sports drink and a medal. You can also get water here. When passing the finish line we kindly ask you to keep on walking directly in the direction of the clothing pick up. 
Time groups
At the Prins Hendrikkade there are five starting areas. Every starting area is open 20 minutes before the official starting time. The boards at the entry point clearly indicate with colours and numbers which starting numbers belong to the relative starting area. The starting areas of the recreational run are based on the target time filled in during registration. Latest 10 minutes before the start every runner must be at the starting area. The starting areas will be used several times for a starting group. Be aware: it is not permitted to start in an earlier group. Starting later however is possible.
Find the layout of the starting areas and the map of the starting area here.

Limits and clocks 10 Miles

The limit for the 10 miles is 2 hours. You must have passed the points below before the mentioned time.
  • 6 km 15.45 hours
  • 11 km 16.22.30 hours 
  • 14 km 16.45 hours
Runners who are overtaken by the final organisation car based on the pass time schedule and therefore will exceed the stated time limit, will be asked to end their race and take place in the car because of safety and health reasons. In case you decide, despite the request, to continue your race you will do this on your own risk. The course will released after the final organisation car so it is free for road traffic again. The final organisation car brings everyone who drops out to the Dam tot Dam Park at Zaandam. You do not qualify for a medal and will also not be published in the results.   

Clocks and kilometre points
At the start, at all even kilometre points, the 5K point, the 15K point and at the finish there are time clocks. These clocks will be activated at the start of the competition run men. Remember the time on the clock when you start, so you can calculate your times on your way. 

Nutrition and hydration stations

Alongside the course you will find several nutrition and hydration stations. Below you can find what is available at which stop and in which order it is distributed. At the stations there are also toilets and medical aid.

Distance Station
Start water
5 km energy drink and water
8,5 km fruit
9 km water
11 km energy drink and water
14 km water and sponges
Finish energy drink and water 


At 10 miles competition there are prices for the categories, men senior, women prominence, women senior, master M35, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, M65, M70, M75, V35, V40, V45, V50, V55, V60, V65 and V70.

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