10 Miles

The main distance during the Dam tot Damloop is the 10 miles, a 16.1 km long course between Amsterdam and Zaandam.


The 10 Mile run starts on the Prins Hendrikkade in Amsterdam. This is followed immediately by the passage through the IJtunnel, a connection between the city center and Amsterdam North that is only open to runners during the Dam tot Damloop. It gets really exciting from the Buiksloterdijk. The enthusiastic residents of the Landsmeerderdijk, Kadoelenweg, Stoombootweg and Appelweg are ready to encourage you. After the Molenwijkpark you go via the bike path of the Verlengde Stellingweg to the Noorder IJ- en Zeedijk in Zaandam, where the course leads to the finish line on the Peperstraat via the always cozy Zuiddijk and Dam.


The 10 English Mile starts at 10:19 am. The start of the Dam tot Damloop is located in Amsterdam on the Prins Hendrikkade. All starts take place from the Prins Hendrikkade.

Starting areas
On the Prins Hendrikkade there are five starting compartments. Each starting area is open from 20 minutes before the starting time. On signs at the entrance hatch it is clearly indicated with colors and numbers which starting numbers belong to which section. The starting areas will be allocated based on the given target time. At least 10 minutes before the start, each runner must be present in the starting area. The sections are used several times for a starting group. Attention! It is not allowed to start in an earlier starting group. Starting later is possible.

View the layout of the starting sections and the map of the starting area here.
Dressing and shower facilities
Changing facilities are only available in Zaandam in De Struijck sport complex, near the Dam tot Dam Park. There is no shower facility. You can also leave (limited) bags here. Participants in the Business Run can store their clothing in the changing tent in the Dam tot Dam Park.
Clothing drop-off
Along with your race number you will receive a special plastic bag and clothing sticker, which should be used for clothing drop-off in Amsterdam. After filling the bag you then stick the attached sticker, which corresponds with your start number, in the specially designated area on the bag. Make sure your bag is closed! You can then hand in the plastic carrier bag at the PostNL trailer that corresponds to your start number series. These PostNL trailers are located at the bus station on the IJ side of Amsterdam Central Station. Are you coming from the city side? Then use the two passages on the outside of the station (IJpassage and Amstelpassage) to get to the bus platform. Please note the end time for handing in the clothing as stated on the sticker.

It is not possible to leave clothes in/near the starting areas. Furthermore, only the plastic bags provided by the organization will be taken. Sports bags and backpacks do not fit in these bags and will not be taken. You must leave these behind in the sports hall or as a business runner in the clothing tent in the Dam tot Dam Park.

Please note! Collecting, transporting and handing out clothing is at your own risk, which also applies to leaving behind clothing and bags in the changing facilities.

Clothing issue
Approximately 150 meters after the finish, on the route to the Dam tot Dam Park, you can pick up the garment bags that you handed in in Amsterdam. These bags are sorted in order of starting number. The lowest numbers are closest to the finish and the highest numbers are closest to the Dam tot Dam Park. Clothing can be picked up until 17.15. Tip! It is a shame to throw away the received clothing bag. The bag is reusable and you're also doing something sustainable this way. Do you want to throw away the bag anyway? Then put it with the plastic waste.

During the race

Refreshment station
Along the course you will find a number of care posts. These refreshment stations are always placed on the right side of the course. Take this into account when the indication comes that there will be a care station and go right. Below you can read what is present where and in what order it is distributed. You will also find toilets and a medical post here.

5KAA Drink Iso Lemon and water
11KAA Drink Iso Lemon and water
14KSponges and water
FinishAA Drink Iso Lemon and water


The finish is on the Peperstraat in Zaandam. The time limit of the 10 English Mile is 2 hours. The finish line closes at 17.00. You must have passed the points below for the times mentioned:

  • 6 km - 15.45 hours
  • 11 km - 16.22.30 hours
  • 14 km - 16.45 hours

Runners who are overtaken by the final organisation car cased on the pass time schedule and thus will exceed the set time limit, will be asked to end their race and for health and safety reasons to take place in the support vehicle. Should you, despite the request, decide to continue your race, you do so at your own risk. The course is, after passing the support vehicle, again released for all road traffic. The support vehicle will bring dropouts to the Dam tot Dam Park in Zaandam. You will not be eligible for a medal and will not be included in the results.

Clocks and kilometre points
At the start, at all even kilometre points, the 5K point, the 15K point and at the finish there are time clocks. These clocks will be activated at the start of the competition run men. Remember the time on the clock when you start, so you can calculate your times on your way.


At the competitive run 10 English Mile there are cash prizes to be won in the categories: men's seniors, women's prominent, women's seniors, masters M35, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, M65, M70, M75, V35, V40, V45, V50, V55, V60, V65 and V70. The prize category will be cancelled in case of less than three started participants. An additional prize will be awarded to the first three men and women resident in the Netherlands.

Man/woman competition
The women's prominents start at 10:19. They start 6.04 minutes earlier than the men. This is the difference between the course records of the men and women. Whoever crosses the line first wins an extra prize.

Prize-giving ceremony
The numbers 1 to 3 in the men's seniors and women's prominents will be honored immediately after the finish on the Peperstraat. The cash prizes will be paid per bank some weeks after the event.