5 Miles

The party that every runner should attend: the Damloop by night! Running with a big smile on your face and enjoying the many DJ’s, bands and spectacular light shows on the course.


The 5 miles start at the Vermiljoenweg at Zaandam. Together with 12.000 other runners in the same special ASICS Runningshirt you run in the dark a distance of 8 km through Zaandam. The course mainly follows the traditional course of the 10 miles. After that the course runs via the Zuiddijk to the Voorzaan. Where after the Den Uylbrug at the Havenstraat the residents have made it very pleasant and are encouraging the runners for the final 3 kilometres. When reaching the Badhuisweg, runners will go to the crowded city centre of Zaandam where there are multiple lines of supporters at the Peperstraat. The finish of the Damloop by night and also the finish of the Dam tot Damloop the day after.

Start and finish

The 5 Miles start at 19.10 hours. 

The finish is at the Peperstraat and closes at 22.30 hours. You can finish on the full width of the road. Because of the chip your end time will be registered when passing the present mats. After the finish participants will receive a bottle of sports drink and a medal, you can also drink water here. After that you leave the finish area, after which you can collect your clothing.
Starting areas
The start of the Damloop by night 5 miles is at the Vermiljoenweg at Zaandam (close to the Dam tot Dam Park). The start will take place in nine starting groups between 19.10 and 21.05 hours. At the recreational run the starting areas are based on the expected finish times. Be aware: is it obligatory to start at the starting area you are assigned to.
All participants at the starting areas of the recreational run will run in their ASICS Damloop by night Runningshirt. Every starting area is opened 25 minutes prior to the official starting time. The boards at the entry point clearly indicate with colours and numbers which starting numbers belong to the relative starting area.

Time limit and clocks 5 miles

The limit for the 5 miles is 85 minutes. The finish is at the Peperstraat and closes at 22.30 hours.

Nutrition and hydration stations

Alongside the course you will find several nutrition and hydration stations. Below you can find what is available at which stop and in which order it is distributed. At the stations there are also toilets and medical aid.

4.5 kmwater
Finishenergy drink and water


At the competition Damloop by night 5 miles there are money prices for the first three men overall and first three women overall.

Award ceremony
The award ceremony takes place directly after the finish of the price winners on the Peperstraat in Zaandam.