ASICS Running Shirt

For the Dam tot Damloop an exclusive and functional ASICS Running shirt is designed. This Running shirt is for participants of the Damloop by night included in the registration fee. The costs are € 25.00 These shirts are – as long as there is stock – also available at the selling points in the Dam tot Dam Park. In this case the shirt costs € 30.00 (pin only!)

There is a ladies shirt (tailored model) and a men’s shirt (straight model). At the registration you can choose for a men’s shirt (size XS up to XXL) or a ladies shirt (size XS up to XL). The Dam tot Damloop has designed a dark blue shirt for men and a light blue shirt for women. At the Damloop by night the design for men and women are equal, but you can choose between a men’s and ladies shirt size.

When you order the ASICS Running shirt at the online registration, the shirt will be send to your home address in the week prior to the event (earliest Tuesday, latest Friday), so you can wear your shirt during the event. Participants who do not live in the Netherlands do not get the shirt send to their home address. They can collect their ASICS Running shirt together with the bib number at the event.

Click here for the size chart

5 English Miles - Women & Men
10 English Miles - Men
10 English Miles - Women