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Lost en found
What happens to found items?
If you have lost something valuable, inquire with our on-site help desk. If it has not been found, please inquire with our organisation afterwards using the contact form.

Business and Charity tickets 2023

How can I pay my Business or Charity teams by invoice?
During registration, click 'Specify invoice address' and choose 'Bank transfer' when paying.

Payment to Mollie Payments has been refunded. What now?

This can happen for any of these reasons:
- The payment has been made to Mollie Payments without mentioning the Payment Reference, in which case the registration fee is automatically refunded. You can transfer again to Mollie with mention of the Payment reference. In your dashboard under 'Invoices', choose 'Transfer/'Bank transfer' and then 'Pay' so you can see the payment details and the Payment Reference.

- The payment term has been exceeded and the payment reference has now been changed automatically. You can transfer again. Look up the payment reference. Under 'Invoices', choose 'Pay' and then 'Transfer/'Bank transfer' for the payment details and the Payment Reference.

I have paid, but the invoice is still open in my dashboard. How is that possible?
The payment has most likely been refunded because payment was made without or with an incorrect payment reference. See the information above.

I forgot to provide a reference/PO number. What should I do now?
Open the invoice in your dashboard and enter your reference/PO number under 'Specify invoice address'. You can then download the adjusted invoice again via the download symbol next to the amount.

What will happen if I pay my invoice too late?
In the event of non-, late or incomplete payment or if the direct debit fails, you are, as it is called, in default and Le Champion has the right to charge statutory interest. If payment is not made, you will be reminded and Le Champion will be entitled tot charge collection costs. In the absence of payment, Le Champion may suspend any form of service until the payment owed by you has been received. If necessary, Le Champion hands over the claim to a collection agency.
When does the registration open?
Registration for the Business and Charity Run opens on Monday 3 April at 9 a.m.

When does the registration close?
Registration closes Monday 4 September at 11:59 p.m., unless we sell out earlier.

What is the maximum number of participants per team?
A team will have a maximum of 10 team members. If you have more than 10 participants, you can register an extra team. If you have less than 10 participants, you can also add relations, friends and acquaintances to your team.

It is not possible to add 'individual' participants with individual tickets to a team.

How is the discount applied when purchasing multiple teams?
When purchasing 5-9 teams, a 5% discount will be applied. For purchases of 10-14 teams, a 10% discount will be applied and for 15 teams or more, you will receive a 15% discount. The discount is based on the amount excluding VAT.

Do I need the team members' details to register?

No, you can register the teams without having the participants' details ready. Once you have registered the teams, you can assign the tickets to the team members from your dashboard. The participant can complete the registration themselves.

During registration, under 'Who is this ticket for?', select 'I don't know yet'. This way, the tickets will be linked to your e-mail address. At a later time, you can assign the tickets to your team members from your dashboard.
Assigning tickets
How do I assign tickets to my team members?
Open your dashboard and your registration. Choose 'Assign tickets' under 'Unassigned tickets'. Click on the ticket you want to assign and enter your team member's first and last name, email address, date of birth, address details and phone numbers and then click 'Assign ticket'. Your team member will receive an e-mail from '' with their own personal dashboard. If necessary, watch the instruction video.

You can also choose to share a registration link. To do so, open your dashboard and your event registration. Click on 'Copy link' or 'Share link' found under the 'Unassigned tickets'. Share this link with a colleague, friend or family member so they can claim their own ticket.

Until when can I assign tickets to my team members?
The latest change date is 7 August, so that we have enough time to still send the bibnumbers to the correct address.
From 8 August you can still assign unassigned tickets, but these changes will no longer be included in the production and dispatch of the bibnumbers.

Already assigned tickets cannot be changed temporarily from 8 August. From 5 September, 9:00 a.m. all changes will be possible again, so the correct names will be visible in the results and the app.

I entered an incorrect e-mail address when assigning, now what?
No problem. Open your dashboard and your event registration. Click on the ticket you want to edit under 'Assigned tickets' and click 'Edit'. Enter the correct e-mail address. Your team member will still receive an email from '' to complete the registration.

How can I assign an assigned ticket to someone else?
Open your dashboard and your event registration. Click on the ticket you want to edit under 'Assigned tickets' and click 'Edit'. Enter the new first and last name, email address, date of birth and address and contact details. Your new team member will receive an email from '' to complete the registration.
Where will the bibnumbers be delivered?
You have made your choice at registration whether you want to receive the bibnumbers at the invoice address or at the participant's home address. If the participant's home address is chosen, the addresses must be completed in the participant's dashboard by 7 August at the latest. If the participant's address is not completed, the bibnumber will automatically be sent to the invoice address.

When will bibnumbers be delivered?
Bibnumbers will be delivered no later than the week of the event. You will receive a track&trace link of this. Did you not receive anything? Please contact us via the contact form.

Dam tot Damloop 2023

Starting time
What is our start time?
When the start times are known, you can find them in your dashboard. Under 'Assigned tickets' you will find the start numbers, the start time and the colour of the start box.
Starting numbers
When will I receive more information about our participation?
You will receive the starter pack at the latest on the Monday before the event. When the package is sent, you will receive an e-mail with your track-and-trace code.

If you have specified that the start numbers should be sent to the home addresses of your team members, they will receive the start number at the entered address, you will not receive a track-and-trace code. The team photo voucher(s) and consumption vouchers will be sent to you as the contact person.

Where are the start numbers sent to?
Open the original confirmation e-mail from Atleta (' you received when registering. Under 'Sending start tickets', it says where the start tickets will be sent to.


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