Mini Dam tot Damloop Zaandam

Yearly at the centre of Zaandam there is a Mini Dam tot Damloop for children. The start is before the finish of the big Dam tot Damloop. Over 2.000 children at the age of 4 until 13 participate in this mini run.
There are three distances:
0,6 km (4 until 7 years old)
1,2 km (8 and 9 years old)
2,2 km (10 until 13 years old)


Would you like to participate in the Mini Dam tot Damloop? Then register online for € 5 and receive your starting number with your first name and time registration. Registration includes a unique medal and bottle of drink at the finish. You will also receive photos on the results page or in the Le Champion app in the week after the event! Registration opens on 23 April. 


The start of the Mini Dam tot Damloop takes place at the A.F. Savornin Lohmanstraat, close to the Burcht. Before the start first go to the Burcht, where there are festivities all day. One of those is the welcome of children by mascot Dammie.

The helpdesk for the Mini Dam tot Damloop in Zaandam is located at the Burcht.

Start times

Be aware: only at the groups of 4 and 5 years and Heliomare it is allowed that your parents can run with you. If you are older, your parents can bring you to the starting area. After that they can walk to the finish. They will be there on time to encourage you.

AgeStarting timeDistanceAreaColor
4 year09.30 hours0,6 km1Pink
5 year09.40 hours0,6 km2Blue
6 year09.50 hours0,6 km3Yellow
7 year10.00 hours0,6 km 4Red
Heliomare 10.00 hours0,6 km1
8 year10.10 hours1,2 km5Green
9 year10.20 hours1,2 km 6Black
10 t/m 13 year10.30 hours2,2 km7White


The time limit for the 0.6 km is 10 minutes, for the 1.2 km 12 minutes and for the 2.2 km 23 minutes. Only at the 4 and 5 year olds it is allowed for parents to run along. If you are older, your parents can bring you to the starting area. After that they can go to the A.F. Savornin Lohmanstraat to the finish to encourage you. 


After the finish at the Peperstraat, where the big Dam tot Damloop finishes, you will receive a medal and a bottle of water. After that you will be redirected to the meeting point for children and parents. If you want to personalise your medal, click here. You can have your medal engraved on the Burcht. 

Children's party

After an unforgettable Mini Dam tot Damloop and a medal to show at school, it's time for the big children's party! Let your child(ren) enjoy sports activities such as table soccer, running on the assault course or dancing at fun children's performances. The program will follow soon!

Adjusted sports

The Mini Dam tot Damloop are especially for children from 4 till 13 years old. The runs on three different distances take place at the centre of Zaandam. Every year there are around 3.000 children at the start, among a few children with a physical disability from rehabilitation centre Heliomare.

Meeting point children and parents
The meeting point for children and parents is at the Fransestraat, directly at the right after the finish on the Peperstraat. In this closed area your parents can wait for you. If you can’t find your parents after the finish, you can go to the meeting point so we can call them. It is important that you write the phone number of your parents at the back of your bib number.