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Care Le Champion strives for optimal care during the Damloop by night. However, proper preparation for the event is just as important for participating responsibly in the Dam tot Damloop. Look here for information on preparing responsibly. Provision for participants Participants in the Damloop by night will be provided with the following: 4 km: water; finish: bottle of Isostar and water. Medical support Medical support will be provided by the GHOR and the Red Cross. This year medical care will include: 170 Red Cross employees; a fully equipped emergency hospital at the finish; 35 care posts on the way with Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) in 20 places; complete radio communications centre for the support services; 4-5 ambulances. GHOR and the Red Cross ask that you enter your name, address and a telephone number that will be answered on the day of the race, on the back of your bib number. This information will be helpful in case of any accidents. We cannot stress the importance of this. Please make sure you have thought about doing this. Deploying AEDs The Athletics Union has started to widely deploy Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in medium to large running events. It appears that the threshold to start running is becoming lower. Running is recognised as a way to go through life in a healthy and fit manner. For this running event the Athletics Union will be making AEDs available in collaboration with Procardio ( the supplier of the AEDs). This limits the risk of death due to cardiac arrest while exercising, sporting or running in an event. Crisis Centre There will be a crisis centre after the finish. You may only access this centre if you have lost your family or friends for a length of time and suspect that they have encountered medical problems. Please note: the centre is not there to answer questions about results, busses etc. Massage Before and after the Damloop by night participants can get a massage in the Dam tot Dam Park. Businessrunners can get a massage in the business tent. A massage takes about 20 minutes. The average waiting time is 45 minutes. Please bring a towel.