Personal running photos

Congratulations on your top performance! For everlasting memories of your Damloop by night, share your personal photos!

If you can find less than two photos of yourself, check out our FAQs below. Maybe the answer to your question is in here.


How can I find my photos?
You can find your photos by uploading a photo of yourself or by taking a selfie with your phone. It is also possible to search for photos using your race number. Simply enter your race number and the system will search for all the photos with your number on them. Please note! Up to 24 hours after your participation, new photos can be added. After that all photos are online.
How can I download my photos?
You can download the photos by pressing the download button at the bottom right. If this does not work, press the photo for a few seconds to download it. If you view the photos on a laptop/computer, click on the right mouse button and save the image. 
I can't find any photos of myself. What should I do?
If you cannot find your photos with your race number, use the 'Search with selfie' button. The software will search for all your photos in no time after you have uploaded a selfie or any other photo of yourself. Click here to search for your personal photos.

If you have searched with your race number and with an upload of a clear photo of yourself and you still don't find any photos, it could be that you were just behind someone at the photo points. We are sorry, but there are no photos available.​​​​
Why can't I find more personal photos?
Photos will be added up to 24 hours after the event. Try again later if you searched within 24 hours of the event. It might also help to enter another selfie/photo as a search photo. Make sure this photo is of good quality.
Can I download the photos in high quality?
All photos are posted in the highest quality. Click on the download button at the bottom right of the photo to save it. There is no charge for this service.
How does the facial recognition software work?
The software searches for all your photos at lightning speed after you have taken or uploaded your search selfie. This selfie is then immediately deleted by the system.

This technique is much more durable than the system used previously and has been used for years at sporting events around the world. Of course, your privacy and safety is our priority. That is why the Damloop by night only works with reputable suppliers, with whom proper processing agreements have been made. This means that your data and photographs are handled with great care. We have also recorded this in our privacy statement.