Race Business Run 10 Mile

The Business Run race at the Dam tot Damloop is considered to be the unofficial Dutch Business Run Championship.

Companies have the opportunity to participate in this race with a male and a female team. The men’s team can also be a mixed team; the women’s team must be made up exclusively of women.

Criteria for participation

Participation in the Business Run race will be under the following rules:

  • A team consists of minimum five and maximum ten persons;
  • Participants in this category must all be part-time or full-time employees of the company they are representing;
  • The business ranking is based on the net results of the first five arriving runners from each team;
  • The company with the lowest total time of the first five runners is the winner;
  • Besides a men’s and a women’s racing team, a company can also register an unlimited number of recreational teams

Award Ceremony

The award ceremony (from 13.30 hours) at the Dam tot Dam Park will be festive, with ample attention for the unofficial Dutch Business Run Championship. The prizes for the best three men’s racing business teams, the best three women’s racing business teams and the first participants in the individual category will be awarded.